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Hammer Drill Bit For Concrete
Metal drill bit

Drill Bits & Chisel & Tungsten Carbide Rotary Files

Metal drill bit

H.S.S Step Drill Bit for Metal Plate stainless Steel, Copper, PVC

H.S.S Step Drill Bit for Metal Plate stainless Steel, Copper, PVC

Step Drill Bit Material:    M35(HSS4241,HSS4341,M2 are available)    Step Drill Bit Style:    Spiral Flute(Straight  Flute is available)    Step Drill Bit Shank:    3-Way Clamping (Hex Shank Size 1/4" Inch (6.35 mm),Cylindrical Shank are available)    Step Drill Bit Surface:    Titanium Coated(Bright Finished,Amber Color are available)    Step Drill Bit Package:    in Plastic Box,in Double Blister Card ,in Metal box    

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product details

Product Description

The CBN ground and spiral flutes quarantee quiet running and high cutting performance.
Especially the chip flow is optimized, so even long,non-breaking chips will be removed easily.
The optimized chip flow protects the cutting edges and reduces built-up edges and cold weld marks. The cone makes it easier to withdraw the tool from the material.         
Suitable for using to cut holes in a variety of materials including steel, brass, wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum etc.




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