BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors

BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw,Bi-metal Hole saw can be used to make large holes in wood, thin steel sheet, aluminum alloy and other soft metal sheet.

Material:HSS M42

Type:M42 Bi-metal hole saw

Shank diameter:9.5mm, 11mm

Shank Type:Hex shank

Surface:Spray paint

Color in the Shell:

Can be customized according to customer requirements

MOQ:500 pieces (Samples available)

Lead Time: 30 Days

Overview of BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors

BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors is a high-efficiency product provided by BESTWIN Tools Co.,Ltd. It is more efficient and convenient with its own QC arbors. BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors cuts various materials smoothly. BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors are made of two different types of steel joined together to form the edge of the cutting end of the hole saw. High-speed steel combined with soft spring steel creates a durable edge that cuts through a wide variety of materials and helps extend life. Bi-metal hole saws cut perfect holes in wood, plastic, ferrous (stainless steel, steel, cast iron) and non-ferrous metals (copper and aluminum).

Features of BESTWIN HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw with QC arbors

Multiple sizes to meet your different need: 

There are multiple sizes, 1-1/2 (20UN) 16-30mm,1-5/8 (18UN) 32-200mm (optional) for Hole Saw to choose from. The effective cutting depth of hole saw is 38 mm.

Quality premium material: 

High-speed steel (HSS) bimetal, heat-treated, rust-proof, has good heat resistance and wear resistance, high-speed steel gear cutting is fast and clean, has the advantages of high performance, rust prevention, durability, sturdiness, durability, and repeatability use.

Efficient and clean cutting: 

The hole saw teeth are sharp, the vibration is small, and the operation is more stable. The hole saw also has four chip removal holes, which has stronger chip removal ability and can quickly remove cutting materials. High speed steel cutting tooth edges provide impact resistance.


When using the opener kit for a long time, please properly control the speed, RPM ≤ 1000, which is easy to cause high-speed wear of the opener. The surface of the product is coated with a thin layer of protective oil (anti-oxidation and anti-rust). Please be careful not to get dirty and check the condition of the opener.

Customer Satisfaction: 

Bestwin aims to provide high-quality and cost-effective products and great service to all customers. If you have any questions about our HSS M42 Bi-metal Hole saw please feel free to contact us. We will respond at first time and help you solve your problem asap.

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C, PayPal etc.

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