Power Tools

Power Tools

Electric tools can be classified as fixed or portable, in which portable means hand-held. Portable electric tools have obvious advantages in mobility. However, stationary power tools usually have advantages in speed and accuracy. For example, a typical table saw not only cuts faster than an ordinary hand saw, but also cuts smoother, straighter and more square than a hand-held electric saw can usually achieve. Some stationary power tools can produce objects that cannot be made by other means. For example, lathes can produce real round objects.

Fixed electric tools for metal processing are usually called machine tools. The term "machine tool" is not usually used for fixed power tools for woodworking, although this usage is occasionally heard, and in some cases, such as drilling machines and bench grinders, woodworking and metalworking use exactly the same tools.

Overview of Power Tools

Electric tool is a kind of tool, which is actuated by additional power source and mechanism than only other manual labor and use of manual tools. The most common type of power tools uses electric motors. Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used. Other power sources include direct combustion of steam engines, fuels and propellants, such as gunpowder driven tools, and even natural power sources, such as wind or flowing water. Animal power of directly driven tools is usually not regarded as electric tools.

Features of Power Tools

Power Tools are designed in to different types for different use. There are mainly several types of Pneumatic Tools. BESTWIN Tools Co., Ltd mainly provides serveral types of  such as:

Electric drill (pistol drill, electric hammer drill)

Electric wrench

Electric angle grinder

Electric saw(reciprocating saw, circular saw, chain saw)

Electric grinder,Electric polishing

Electric trimming machine, engraving machine

Eletirc planer

Electric marble machine

Electric blower

Applications of Power tools

Electric tools are used in industry, architecture, garden, cooking, cleaning and other household tasks, as well as driving (fasteners), drilling, cutting, molding, grinding, grinding, wiring, polishing, painting, heating and so on around the house.

Suppliers of Power tools

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