Diamond Hole Saws

Diamond Hole Saws

The rock breaking action of diamond bit is completed by diamond particles. To know the rock breaking effect of drill bit, it is necessary to understand the rock breaking effect of single diamond. In hard formation, under the action of WOB, single diamond makes the rock in a very high stress state (about 4200-5700mpa, some data believe that it can reach 6300mpa), which makes the rock lithology change from brittleness to plasticity. When a single diamond eats into the formation and cuts the rock under the action of torque, the cutting depth is basically equal to the eating depth of diamond particles. This process is like "ploughing", so it is called plough cutting of diamond bit.

The drilling effect of diamond bit is not only related to lithology and external factors affecting lithology (such as pressure, temperature, formation fluid properties, etc.), but also the WOB is an important factor. Like the cone bit, it has three ways of surface crushing, fatigue crushing and volume crushing. Only when the diamond particles have enough specific pressure to eat into the formation rock and break the rock volume, can the ideal rock breaking effect be achieved.

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