Electric hammer bit

Electric hammer bit

The main body of cemented carbide electric hammer drill is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the cutter head is welded with cemented carbide. It is used with various electric hammer machines and is suitable for drilling on hard building materials such as concrete and brick. It is a drilling tool with wide use and high efficiency in the construction and installation industry.Connection types include SDS plus, SDS Max and HEX.

Characteristics of electric hammer bit

1. Good shock absorption system: it can make the operator hold comfortably and relieve fatigue.

Realization way: through "vibration control system"; Increase grip comfort through soft rubber handle;

2. Accurate speed regulating switch: the speed is low when the switch is touched gently, which can help the machine pull out smoothly (for example, pulling out on smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles can not only prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also prevent the drilling hole from cracking. High speed can be used during normal operation to ensure work efficiency.

3. Stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as torque limiting clutch, it can avoid the transmission of large torque reaction force caused by the clamping of drill bit to the user during use, which is a kind of safety protection for the user. This feature can also prevent the gear device and motor from stopping.

High quality 3 or 4 cutter electric hammer bit

High quality 3 or 4 cutter electric hammer bit

High quality electric hammer bit, which are made of 40 Cr+ carbide, suitable for concrete. The quality is comparable to that of European high-end bits.

SDS Plus Electric hammer bit

SDS Plus Electric hammer bit

High quality electric hammer bit

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