Router Bit

Router Bit

Router bit cutter is a rotary cutter with one or more cutter teeth for milling. During operation, each cutter tooth cuts off the allowance of the workpiece intermittently in turn. Milling cutter is mainly used for machining plane, step, groove, forming surface and cutting workpiece on milling machine.

There are many common types of router Bits according to their uses.

① Cylindrical milling cutter: used for machining plane on horizontal milling machine. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter and are divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth according to the tooth shape. According to the number of teeth, it is divided into coarse teeth and fine teeth. Spiral tooth coarse tooth milling cutter has few teeth, high tooth strength and large chip holding space, which is suitable for rough machining; Fine tooth milling cutter is suitable for finish machining.

② Face milling cutter: it is used for processing plane face on vertical milling machine, end milling machine or gantry milling machine. There are cutter teeth on the end face and circumference, as well as coarse teeth and fine teeth. Its structure has three types: integral type, inlaid type and indexable type.

③ End milling cutter: used to process grooves and step surfaces. The cutter teeth are on the circumference and end face, and cannot be fed along the axial direction during operation. When the end milling cutter has end teeth passing through the center, it can be fed axially.

④ Three side edge milling cutter: used to process various grooves and step surfaces. There are cutter teeth on both sides and circumference.

⑤ Angle milling cutter: used for milling grooves at a certain angle. There are two kinds of single angle milling cutter and double angle milling cutter.

⑥ Saw blade milling cutter: used for processing deep grooves and cutting workpieces. There are more cutter teeth on its circumference. In order to reduce the friction during milling, there is a pair deflection angle of 15 ′ ~ 1 ° on both sides of the cutter teeth. In addition, there are keyway milling cutter, dovetail groove milling cutter, T-groove milling cutter and various forming milling cutters.



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