High quality 3 or 4 cutter electric hammer bit

BESTWIN High quality 3 - 4 Cutter tungsten carbide tipped drilling bits are special designed for long life in concrete and masonry applications on electric hammer drill.


High quality cemented carbide



Shank Type:

SDS plus


Sand blasting

Tool Flute Type: 



1000 pieces (Samples available)

Lead Time:   

30 Days

About high quality 3 or 4 cutter electric hammer bit electric hammer bit:

Strong core: 

SDS max bits have a tapered core for bit strength and maximum durability, especially when drilling deep holes.

Aggressive material removal: 

Two-stage flute design with variable helix pattern of Bestwin SDS hammer drill bits allows for efficient debris removal.

Clean, round holes: 

Two sharp cutting edges for the true holes.

Wear mark indicator: 

For the accurate diameter of holes.

Convenient and durable: 

Tapered groove, reduce binding, easy to use. Full length heat treatment, durable, suitable for concrete, brick walls, etc.

Customer Satisfaction: 

Bestwin aims to provide high-quality and cost-effective products and great service to all customers. If you have any questions about our 3 or 4 cutters electric hammer bit, please feel free to contact us. We will respond at first time and help you solve your problem asap.

Payment Terms:

T/T, L/C, PayPal etc.

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