Quick Release Arbor

The Quick Release Arbor is a high performance thin wall hole saw kit consisting of a steel body and cobalt arbor with progressive tooth profile for cutting wood, plastic and steel.

Material:  Metal

Shank   3/8

Shank Type:     Hex Shank

Surface:           electroplate

MOQ:             1000

Lead time:     30Days

Overview of Quick Release Arbor

These high-performance thin-wall hole saws feature a progressively variable tooth profile for fast cuts and a smooth, burr-free finish compared to other conventional hole saws. Hole saws also feature flared shoulders that act as safety stops to help prevent holes from being drilled too deep and potentially damaging the workpiece below. The thin-walled body reduces heat build-up and ensures less stress on the tool. The multifunctional system allows for easy replacement of arbors and springs without tools. Constructed with a tempered steel body for strength and long life. Designed for use with corded and cordless power tools. Universal hex shank ensures secure fit in impact drivers and common drills. The most common applications include drilling holes in steel wireway, cabinets, enclosures, panels and junction boxes.

Features of Quick Release Arbor

1. Suitable for TCT hole saws and bi-metal hole saws

2. It can quickly remove the waste in the hole saw

3. Improve work efficiency by more than 4 times

4. Possess national patent

5. Hot selling products in Europe and America

6. Suitable for 16-200MM hole saws.

Suppliers of Quick Release Arbor

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