Cordless Drill DW6021C

The Cordless Drill DW6021C is a compact cordless drill-driver with Active Torque Control for everyday drilling and driving, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Max Chuck Capacity        13mm

Rated Voltage           12V-21V

Rated InputPawer         160W

No-loadspeed            0/350-0/1850r/min

Blows.per minute         25500ipm

Torque            70/80N.m

Battery type            1500mAh

Weight                18/19kgs

Pcs per carton          5PCS

carton size         45x33x30cm

Overview of  Cordless Drill DW6021C

The Cordless Drill DW6021C is specially designed for drilling and driving screws. They can be used for a variety of different jobs around your home, from hanging and picture hooks to assembling flat panel furniture. They have a keyless chuck for quick swapping between different types of bits. The Cordless Drill DW6021C is one of the most versatile home improvement tools you can get, and a great place to start when shopping for a power drill.

Features of Cordless Drill DW6021C

1. Work more efficiently - compact and powerful cordless drill driver for working in tight spaces or at heights without compromising efficiency

2. Drill and Drive Faster Thanks to a high-output battery, Hilti cordless compact drills deliver the highest rpm and torque ever

3. Durable - all-metal chuck, motor and optimized cooling system can better withstand high-intensity use under harsh site conditions

4. Advanced Safety Features Active Torque Control helps prevent uncontrolled rotation of the tool body if the bit jams.

5. On Batteries With longer-lasting batteries, energy-efficient drills and a range of services, no-compromise cordless tools let you be more productive today and tomorrow

Suppliers of Cordless Drill DW6021C

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