Different types of wood drill bits and their uses

Aug 02, 2021

Almost all types of woodworkers must use drilling tools. Without this special power tool, the exquisite craftsmanship we have seen in the images and videos is impossible to achieve.

Due to differences in design and materials, you will find different types of wood drill bits that are used to create holes of various sizes and shapes.

If you plan to start your woodworking career, or just for the passion of DIY, you should understand these types. You will know which type is suitable for a specific purpose. Choosing the right type of drilling can also allow you to complete the project more efficiently.

There are 12 common wood drill bits.

Wood drill bits can be divided into many parts according to material type, finishing, shape and manufacturing material. During my research, I discovered that many types belong to two or more categories. These are not what we care about here. Therefore, I finally listed the most commonly used drill bits you need to know.

1. Twist drill bit

This is the type most commonly used to drill holes in wood, light metal and plastic materials. The shape of the drill bit is universal. If you are looking for a universal drill bit suitable for home use, this will be the right choice. For occasional and light projects, this should be sufficient.

2. Brad-Point Drill Bit

When you want to drill through wooden workpieces accurately, you only need a Brad point drill. The tip has a brad in its center to ensure drilling accuracy while leaving a clean exit point for the workpiece. There are extra-wide grooves and grooves around the drill bit, which can also take away dust and chips.

3. Self-feeding drill

This one has a screw tip that helps to position the drill bit and further pull the bit through the wood material. Since the tip makes it easier to drill through the workpiece, it is called a self-feeding drill.

There is no flute similar to other flutes on the drill. Therefore, you need to pull it back regularly to remove dust and debris.

4. Spiral drill bit

Similar to a self-contained drill, this drill also has a screw tip that can dig holes and push the drill into the material.

However, it can form a clean hole, so you don't have to pull it back and forth to remove debris and dust from the hole. In fact, its hollow design can remove more chips than other drills. This greatly contributes to the overall deep boring result.

Some of them are 18 inches long. The hole is made of a solid center, which feels stronger and stronger.

5. Install the drill

This type is a twist drill bit specially used to install wiring. The drill bit is 18 inches long. You can use it on all kinds of surfaces, wood, plaster and masonry without any problems.

After drilling the wall or other surface, insert the wire into its small hole and then pull it back from the drilled hole. You can also attach additional wires to it and pass through the holes easily.

6. Forstner drill bit

These drill bits are ideal for drilling smooth and clean holes for pins. The finish in the hole is flat and the bottom is good. Compared to most drill bits, the holes remain neat and tidy. Its design allows you to overlap holes. It also has a pointed tip, which makes it easier to accurately position the drill on the workpiece.

Sometimes, you may need to pull out the drill bit regularly to clean dust and debris. However, if you are using a hand-held drill, this drill may require you to apply some extra force. Therefore, it is best to use it with a drill press to easily drill holes.

7. Shovel

The shape is similar to a paddle called a long wood drill bit, which can make large holes up to 1 inch in diameter in a wooden workpiece. With a sharp tip and flat blade, it helps to locate and keep the bit stable when drilling. A drill with two edges with a pointed tip makes it easier to create a neat and clean hole and exit point.

8. Hole Saw

It would be unwise to talk about saws in articles describing different drill bits. Due to the shape of the saw, this type of drill is often called a hole saw. Woodworkers use this special drill bit to drill large holes to install door hardware and create wiring channels.

If you are going to use a hole saw, be prepared to get a lot of waste. You will need a shank mandrel or mandrel to connect the drill bit. The mandrel has a positioning bit to keep the bit stable when drilling through the object. However, some hole saws have a built-in shank and do not require a pilot bit.

This is a versatile drill bit that you can use for other materials such as metals, ceramics and masonry. To use it on metal, make sure it is made of bimetal. If you also use it to process tiles, it should have a cemented carbide edge. Diamond drill bits are used to cut masonry.

9. Plug Cutter

This is the type of drill required to hide the groove. The drill makes holes in the wood so you can use it for corks.

10. Countersunk bit

Have you heard of screw pilot bits? This is the same thing. Some professionals call it a countersunk bit. You can use the same drill bit for countersinking, countersinking and pilot drilling. However, most people use it to drill fasteners and install plugs on the heads of the fasteners.

11. Step drill

Although the step drill is mainly used to drill thin metals, you can also use it on wooden surfaces. Its stepped design allows you to drill holes of different diameters because the drill bit is engraved with steps. It is relatively easy to use this cleaning waste.

12. Marine auger

As the name suggests, these are very similar to augers. You can get all the functions and advantages of auger bits. The difference between these drills is that you can drill long holes in thicker wood or wood.

Compared with other products, it is more durable, stronger, and can even cut through nails without causing any damage.

Materials used for wood drill bits

Since the drill bit has to withstand a lot of pressure and strength, if you don't want to replace it early, it must be durable. It is best to clearly understand what these bits are made of. Also, remember that different materials serve different purposes. So, also consider the purpose of your work.

High speed steel

This is the most commonly used material in drill bits. These bits are ideal for drilling wood, plastic and thin metals. The carbon steel structure with vanadium and chromium additives makes it strong and durable enough for general use.


When you need to drill through harder materials, choose a cobalt drill bit. These drill bits have tremendous structural strength, which allows them to even drill through stainless steel and other harder materials. Some drill bits also contain cobalt and HSS alloys and need to be strengthened.

Solid carbide

When the project requires you to deal with extremely hard materials, solid carbide drill bits are an important part of this type of workpiece. Carbides are formed by the combination of metal and carbon. This is why these are the most expensive drill bits on the market.

Tungsten carbide blade

As the name suggests, these drill bits have a tip made of cemented carbide. Because carbide is very expensive, some manufacturers have come up with the idea of using carbide only to make the tip. These are ideal for drilling holes in masonry and concrete surfaces.

In conclusion

Hope you have a clear concept of various types of wood drill bits. Use the recommended correct drill bit to be able to drill holes on specific materials to ensure efficiency. In addition, it will further ensure the durability of the drill bit.

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