How to extend the service life of diamond hole saws?

Mar 19, 2023

The service life and efficiency of a diamond hole saw

The service life and efficiency of a diamond hole saw varies depending on the material being cut, the amount of lubrication used, the tools used and the operator's skill. In order to maximize the life of a hole saw, the following important considerations should always be followed.


diamond hole saw


Always use plenty of water when using a diamond bore saw. Water is used to keep the hole saw cool and to flush away any slurry created. The contact point between the cutting surface and the hole saw should always be wet, and the tip of the hole saw should never be overheated. If the tip is more than just hot, it usually indicates too little lubrication (or the speed or pressure may be too high). Water reduces heat buildup, extends the life of the hole saw, and helps avoid thermal cracking in the material. Minimal lubrication can prevent a hole saw from burning up, but very good lubrication techniques can extend the life of a hole saw by five or even ten times. Please also note that oil-based lubricants are not effective on diamond bore saws.


Pumping Technology

When drilling with a diamond hole saw, always use the pumping technique. This technique involves slowly inserting the hole saw into the cutting surface or hole, then pulling the hole saw back to allow water to penetrate the cut, and then releasing the hole saw again (every 15 to 20 seconds or so). The water will flush away the slurry that has been created and ensure that the contact point between the surface being cut and the diamond hole saw remains lubricated. Without pumping technology, water will not reach the tip of the hole saw, even if the hole saw is underwater.


Drilling speed

Since all materials vary in hardness and wear resistance, it is not possible to determine an exact drilling speed. It is recommended that the user follow the recommended drilling speed, or slower if unsure of the material to be cut. Faster drilling speeds or increased pressure may slightly reduce the cutting time, but will also significantly increase friction and heat up the hole saw. This will significantly shorten the life of the hole saw and increase the risk of thermal cracking and material breakage. If the hole saw shows yellow, brown, blue, or black "burn marks" around the tip, the temperature is too high and the drill used is too fast or the pressure on the drill is too high.


Drilling pressure

When using a diamond hole saw, it is important to apply only light to medium pressure to the drill bit and let the hole saw "drill at its own speed". Increasing pressure will not significantly speed up the cut, but will significantly increase friction and quickly cause the hole saw to overheat. This not only burns the hole saw but also heats the surrounding surface and can lead to thermal cracking or breakage. It is also important to "lighten" the pressure considerably when the hole saw is near the back of the material if it is to be fully drilled into a piece of material. When the hole saw emerges from the back side, this reduces the cracking or breaking of the back side of the material.


Since speed is very important to the operation of the diamond opener, it is recommended that the user use a variable speed drill. Never use an "impact driver" or "impact drill" with a diamond hole saw as this can cause the tip of the hole saw to mushroom or crack. When using a hole saw over ½", it is best to use a drill press rather than a hand drill if a template is not available.


Material being cut

The life of any type of diamond hole saw depends on the hardness, abrasiveness and thickness of the material being drilled and the specific drilling technique used (drilling speed, pressure and lubrication); however, diamond wear on hole saws does not usually wear as frequently as the heat and friction caused by the extreme hardness and abrasiveness of the material being cut. By employing the strategies listed above, the user can greatly extend the life of his/her diamond bore saw. It should also be noted that in some very hard stones and tiles, drilling 1/4" may take 2-3 minutes.


Lubrication Tips and Tricks

A variety of very specialized industrial water supply equipment is available for industrial production-type work. However, when drilling with a diamond hole saw, regardless of the method used, the primary concern is simply to obtain adequate water lubrication on the cutting edge of the hole saw. All lubrication methods are not the same.

For all of these lubrication methods, it is important to use a "pumping" technique to get the water to the tip of the hole saw. When drilling, only occasionally raise the hole saw up and down a fraction of an inch (maybe every 15 to 20 seconds or so) while drilling. This ensures that the water fully enters the area and fully lubricates the tip.


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