What is an electric hammer drilling bit?

Feb 21, 2023

What is an electric hammer drilling bit?

Electric hammer drilling bits are designed to quickly drill through brittle materials such as concrete by combining the rotating action of the bit with a hammer action that moves the bit in and out of the hole along the axis of the bit, providing a hammering action in the drilling motion of the bit.

They work with several different mechanism designs, but in the end, the drill is only as effective as its bit. With this dual action in a hard construction material like concrete, the drill bit itself must be subjected to incredible pressure.


Are all electric hammer bits the same?

In terms of basic construction, hammer bits are largely the same. However, in actual job site experience, several small factors add up to a better experience when drilling concrete. Different materials have been developed to provide hardness and strength to enhance the performance of the drill bit, and the type or manufacture of the drill bit you use will guide your drill bit selection.

Therefore, let's take a look at the basic anatomy of a hammer drill bit so that we can understand electric drill bits more quickly.

1. Anatomy of a hammer drill bit


The shank is tart of the hammer drill bit that fits into the hammer drill sleeve and holds it firmly in place while the bit provides rotation and impact during operation. For most rotary drills, a smooth shank is not sufficient, as the bit will slip during operation and come loose from the bit itself. Common shank designs for rotary hammer drills include the SDS.SDS-MAX or spline shanks, which are locked into the chuck so the hammer drill action does not displace the drill bit.


The ground is basically the raised portion of the auger part of the drill. The ground holds the cutting edge of the drill to its outer diameter.


The grooves on the drill bit are "slots" that run parallel to the ground. Their purpose is to remove dust from the hole while drilling to prevent jamming.


The head is the lead-in point of the drill that holds the tip of the bit and provides maximum impact when breaking concrete. It will also have two or four flat corners (depending on the number of slots) for making lead cuts in the concrete.


For concrete bits (and other drills), carbide is bonded to the head of the bit to harden and strengthen it to break concrete. The extreme heat in the drill hole can sometimes damage the carbide tip, dulling it or melting it completely, reducing the bit's ability to break concrete.

2. Hammer bits in the hole

Regardless of the precise composition of the hammer bit, the basic elements are the same and its ultimate role is the same: to provide a precise test hole in the concrete slab to accommodate a relative humidity sensor to perform a precise relative humidity test of the moisture conditions in the slab, or in situ.

The depth and width of this hole are used in providing the building inspector. Flooring installers and other professionals and specialists play a role in providing accurate RH data to provide a durable and serviceable concrete slab.

3. Ensure optimal RH test holes

The rotating hammer drill bit is a critical part of preparing the concrete slab for RH testing, and technology is also important since accurate test holes will help ensure the best fit for the RH Smart Sensor.

A worn drill bit also increases the risk of the bit getting stuck in the hole as it can no longer effectively remove dust. Before each job, the head and grooves of the drill should be visually inspected to ensure they have not been damaged by previous operations.


hammer drill bit

The working process of a hammer drill bit

A hammer drill is just a drill bit. Where a regular drill bit rotates the bit to drill into concrete or masonry material, the hammer drill adds impact. A pair of impact gears fit together so that they vibrate almost against each other as the drill bit rotates in a hammering pattern. This happens very frequently due to the number of ridges along the circumference of the gears. This small vibration effect is transmitted to the drill through the movement of the chuck along its axis. The result is a drill bit that rotates to drill the hole while gently hammering into the material as it is drilled. The effect is subtle, but it does improve the use of simple drills equipped with masonry bits.


Personal protection when using a hammer drill

1. The operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes and a protective face shield when working face up.

2. Plug the earplugs when working for a long time to reduce the noise.

3. The drill bit is in a burning state after the long-term operation, and care should be taken when replacing it to burn the skin.

4. Use the side handle and operate with both hands when working, so as to twist the arm by the reaction force when blocking the rotation.

5. Work on ladders or work at high places should be done with fall measures, and ladders should be supported by ground personnel.


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