HZF-911947pc ratchet screwdriver set

HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set includes all popular socket and bit sizes, and packed in a sturdy and practical plastic storage box.

*1pc  ratchet screwdriver
*1pc adaptor
*9pc CRV sockets:4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12mm
*36pc CRV bits (6.3*25mm):

Overview of HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set

Handy screwdriver set with soft-grip reversible ratchet handle and convenient integrated bit storage system. The ratchet mechanism is designed to an extremely high standard with fine gearing requiring minimal turning to engage. The extension rod can be removed, allowing the handle to be used as a stubby screwdriver. Ideal for tightening and unscrewing in restricted areas.

Features of HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set

1. The ratchet precision device is ideal for using small screw slots

2. Dual-material soft-grip handle, designed for comfort and control

3. Spring-loaded, wear-resistant ratchet mechanism, easy to use

4. Precision ground, hardened tool grade chrome vanadium blade for extra strength and durability

Suppliers of HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set

Bestwin-tools is a professional HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set manufacturer provides high quality HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set for global customers, if you are looking for HZF911947pc ratchet screwdriver set,feel free to get a quote for the latest price.

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