Benefits of cordless drill

Benefits of cordless drill tools

Mar 06, 2023

Are you looking to assemble your own tool kit or just starting out in the industry, you may be wondering which is the best, corded or cordless drill tools. This debate has been going on since cordless power tools first appeared. Depending on the task, both corded and cordless drill tools offer unique advantages. Use our guide to explore the differences between corded and cordless drill tools to help you determine the right tool for your needs.

The historical development of cordless drill tools

Although the first cordless drill was introduced in 1961, cordless drill tools have steadily gained in popularity over the past 20 to 30 years. The portability and maneuverability of cordless drill tools have always been clear advantages; however, battery life often limits their overall power and performance. Recent advances have allowed cordless drill tools to match the power of corded tools for an ever-expanding variety of tools.

While many of the most powerful tools, such as angle grinders and miter saws, are still primarily corded, the list of heavy-duty cordless drill tools is growing as battery technology continues to improve. As battery technology evolves, many manufacturers are now focusing on making more cordless drill tools in the more traditional corded or even pneumatic arena. Cordless tool technology can now provide the same amount of power as these alternative power sources, and in some cases, even more power.

Benefits of cordless drill tools

1. Powerful battery technology

Almost all power tools on the market today are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. If the batteries are properly maintained, these batteries can store a large amount of power and do not diminish over time. They are lightweight, which helps reduce worker fatigue. Your batteries should also be interchangeable with other power tools - for when you might need them.

2. Convenient Mobility

Because it has no wires, you don't have to rely on an auxiliary power source, so cordless drill tools offer greater flexibility and portability. When working on multiple projects or in tight spaces, the cordless tool gives you the freedom to move and move around without the risk of tripping or tangling wires. This portability is a distinct advantage for any mobile business or contractor who needs to be on the job site a lot.

3. Storage

In addition to portability, cordless power tools are often easier to store than wired power tools. They usually come with a separate storage container for the tool and its accompanying batteries. Cordless drills, chainsaws, and impact drivers can be stored in a drawer or on a shelf.

cordless drilling tool

Disadvantages of cordless drill tools

Battery life

Even the best batteries will run out of juice at some point, which can waste valuable work time. Workers may forget to recharge the battery after a shift or lose it altogether. As the power runs out, the performance of your cordless power tool begins to suffer. This means your tool won't deliver the same amount of power at the end of a shift (or day or week, depending on how many times you use it) as it did at the beginning.

Volume and weight

The convenience of additional batteries adds extra weight and bulk. While most lithium-ion batteries are light, the weight does depend on the tool and the voltage used to power larger devices. The more power, the more weight, and holding cordless drill tools all day can lead to strain and fatigue, even though they provide the mobility you need. 

So what about choosing corded or cordless drill tools?

Corded or cordless drill tools are best depending on the job and how often you use the tool. While corded power tools offer the greatest advantages in terms of reliability and sustained power, they can't match cordless drill tools in terms of maneuverability and convenience. The best cordless drill tools will last a long time before their power starts to fade. However, the debate will continue until they deliver the same amount of power every time - regardless of the reliability provided by corded tools.

In short, cordless drill tools are the safer choice for field use. There is always the possibility that a cable could be cut, especially when working in a densely populated space, which could lead to injury. cordless drill tools, however, are not for everyone. They require a lot of maintenance - remember to charge the batteries, walk for hours with heavy batteries, and if you're working all day, the cost of buying a few batteries to keep you constantly charged can really add up. It's a decision you need to make for yourself based on the application, how much flexibility you need to move around, and how much money you need to spend.

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Benefits of cordless drill tools

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