Different types of hole saw tools

Mar 06, 2023

Hole Saw Guide introduction

Hole saws are ideal accessories for hand drills and pillar drills and come in a variety of diameters to accommodate different hole sizes. Hole saw cutters can be used for a wide range of material types from metal to plastic to wood. This guide will explore what hole saws are and how to use them to their maximum potential.

What does a hole saw do?

The basic purpose of a hole saw is to drill perfectly round holes in the material. They can cut wider and larger holes than other drill bits such as Jobber twist drills, hollow drills and step drills. This is because the metal cylinder tool is a blade attachment for the drill (usually a mandrel drill), which expands the range of drilling diameters.

Hole saw material capabilities

Common materials for which hole saw cutters are used include non-ferrous and light metals, plastics, non-alloy steel, gypsum board and wood, lightweight building board, fiberboard and plywood. Hole saw tools are usually cylindrical metal saw blades used to drill/cut holes, hence the name hole saws. Typically, hole saws are made of steel, and all of the bi-metal hole saws sold by Bestwin-tools are made of high-speed steel to provide maximum strength on any surface.

Typical Hole Saw Cutter Applications

Hole saws are most commonly used for metal cutting as well as some wood-cutting projects. They are favored by plumbers (and other roles within the plumbing industry), electricians, and other construction job roles. However, they are sometimes used for general DIY, home improvement and small construction/maintenance projects. These tools are best suited for sanitary and electrical installation work. This may include cable routing and wiring. Tunnels that allow for wire connections. For plumbing purposes, faucet fittings for drains and sinks are best done with a hole saw due to the creation of circular shapes.

hole saw

Different types of hole saw tools

HSS-G hole saw:

This is the standard hole saw tool, made of HSS-G steel material, capable of performing everyday light DIY and home improvement tasks. This tool is not considered ideal for industrial-strength heavy construction projects. However, it is still a sturdy tool that is ideal for hole cutting. It has typical uses for drilling holes in flat materials, tubing and arched surfaces. Works with steel (up to 800 N/mm²) and cast steel, non-ferrous and light metals up to 2.5 mm thick, as well as plastics, reinforced fabrics, gypsum board and lightweight panels up to 2.5 mm. 5.0 mm thick.

Bimetallic hole saws:

The most common hole saw tool, usually made of stainless steel material, can handle most materials and most projects. Due to their robust construction, these hole saws can handle the heaviest tasks and projects. Suitable for non-alloy steel (strength up to 700 N/mm²), non-ferrous and light metals, plastics, tiles, plasterboard and lightweight building boards, fiberboard, plywood and wood.

Tungsten carbide hole saws:

Ideal for metal cutting, these hole saw tools are strong and powerful and provide a fast and aggressive hole-cutting process. The shallow-cutting TC hole saws are suitable for steel up to 2.0 mm thick and plastics up to 4.0 mm thick, while the multi-stage TC hole saws can handle steel up to 20.0 mm thick and plastics up to 28.0 mm thick.

Carbon steel hole saws:

Suitable for electrical and plumbing-based applications, these hole saw cutters are ideal for handling lighter materials such as gypsum board. This is because their material is less durable compared to bimetal hole saws, making them more suitable for home DIY improvements and lighter activities. However, due to their durability, they can provide the perfect tool for more delicate materials that need holes cut.

Welded Handle Arched Belly Cutters:

This hole saw cutter tools come with a mandrel bit pre-installed, hence the name "Weld Shank". The second part of their name is "Soffit Cutter" because they are best suited for cutting holes in the Soffit board. Other materials include plywood, PVC and most metals.

Diamond cutter saws:

DE hole-cutting saws do not have exit teeth. These are specialized tools for working with ceramic-based materials and are typically used to cut tiles. The diamond material makes them hard and durable with high abrasion and heat resistance.

Multi-hole saws:

These contain the jaws of the emergence teeth and contain the internal sharp edges within the hollowed-out diameter of a circular cutting tool. This creates a hole cutter with a cutting sharp (tooth) edge layer. Compatible with most electric drills, they are capable of handling most materials with powerful and ferocious results. Their high strength and sharpness allow material holes to be cut to a depth of up to 45 mm.

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