Different types of wood drill bits

Apr 29, 2023

What is a drill bit for wood?

For carpenters, electricians or DIY hobbyists who need to drill bits in different materials such as wood, tile or concrete, choosing the right wood drill bit is essential to avoid damaging the surface of the material. Bits for wood have specially made edges that remove fibers as the bit rotates, thus drilling in the area.

How to choose right wood drill bits

Bits specifically for wood allow the user to create various types of holes for installing door handles or for laying lines behind wood panels.

The highest quality wood bits are made of molybdenum, cobalt, tungsten or steel, while those with a titanium or black oxide coating are considered the best and most durable. Some bits of wood can also be made from high-speed steel (HSS), a carbon steel that works well at high temperatures. Drill bits can also be reinforced with vanadium and chromium to make them more wear-resistant. Knowing the type of wood to be drilled, whether it is hardwood or softwood, or plasterboard, and of course the type of hole required, will help in selecting the best bit for the job.


wooded drill bits

Types of wood drill bits

Below we present some of the most commonly used wood drill bits

Twist drill bits

The twist drill, which is more widely used, consists mainly of the working part of the bit and the shank. The working part has two spiral grooves, which resemble twists, hence the name. In order to reduce the friction between the guiding part and the hole wall when drilling, the twist drill gradually decreases in diameter from the tip to the shank in the shape of an inverted cone. The spiral angle of the twist drill mainly affects the size of the cutting edge, the strength of the flap and the chip removal performance. A typical drill in most household kits, this universal drill is suitable for drilling in wood, steel and plastic.

Hole saws:

Used primarily for drilling large holes of fixed diameter, these bits are called hole saws because of their shape. Depending on the material, these bits can also drill holes in ceramics, metal and wood.

Flat drills

Flat drills have a spade-shaped cutting part, simple structure, low manufacturing cost and easy introduction of cutting fluid into the hole, but poor cutting and chip removal performance. There are two types of flat drills: integral type and assembled type. The integral type is mainly used for drilling micro-hole of 0.03~0.5mm in diameter. The assembled flat drill with interchangeable inserts and internal cooling is mainly used for drilling large holes with diameters of 25 to 500 mm.

Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling is usually a tool for processing holes with a ratio of hole depth to hole diameter greater than 6. Commonly used are gun drills, BTA deep hole drills, jet drills, DF deep hole drills, etc. Nested drills are also commonly used for deep-hole machining.

Countersinking Drill Bits

Countersink bits are designed to create an inclination in the fastener guide plug, and as the name implies, these bits can drill a hole as well as bore it.

Auger Bits

Spiral bits are the standard drill bits for drilling wood in a spiral shape and help to make deep holes in wood.

Spade Bits: Ideal for drilling wider holes, these long wood bits can drill holes quickly due to their beveled and pointed edges.

Self-Feed Bit

This tool is shaped like an auger bit with a spiral head and is mainly used for drilling medium to large holes in wood. Its shape makes it easy and safe to use.

Center Drill

The center drill is used for drilling the center hole of shaft-type workpieces. It is essentially a combination of a twist drill with a small spiral angle and a countersink, so it is also called a composite center drill. It is used for machining countersunk holes of various countersunk screws or for cutting the outer face of the hole.

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Different types of wood drill bits

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