Classification of hole saws

Apr 29, 2023

Introduction to the concept of hole saw

Hole saws also known as hole opener or hole saw, refers to the modern industry or engineering in the processing of circular holes a sawing class special circular saw, open hole saw according to the different size of the circle has different hole diameters and specifications, at the same time, according to the different depth when opening holes, we are divided into standard open hole saw and deep load type open hole saw two categories, it is installed in the hand drill, impact drill, rocker drill and other power tools to use, simple and flexible operation, easy to carry and safe and widely used.


Hole saw Features

Hole saw hole saw (opener) according to the classification of his teeth material: bimetallic hole saw, carbide hole saw, diamond hole saw, and tungsten carbide hole saw, different materials used to cut the material are different, the most commonly used is bimetallic hole saw, carbide hole saw, diamond hole saw, tungsten carbide hole saw.

The most commonly used is a bimetallic hole saw, harder metal materials are recommended to use a carbide hole saw, and glass, carbon fiber, ceramics and other fragile materials are recommended to use a diamond hole saw.


The advantages of hole saw

The advantage of hole saws is that they can cut holes without cutting the core material. For relatively large holes (greater than 1 inch), this is preferable to twist or shovel drills. They are also cheaper than drills. Disadvantages include the need for a drill bit capable of producing considerable torque at low speeds, the tendency to clog if clogged with dust, and the possibility of jamming the core plug on the hole saw.

The hole saw consists of a metal cylinder mounted on an arbor, which is usually made of steel. The blade is formed with serrated teeth or industrial diamonds set into the teeth. The cutter bar also called the arbor, is responsible for attaching the drill to drill the hole and keeping the guide bit in place. Angled slots in the cylinder walls help to carry the dust-out. The cut kerf (defined as the distance between the teeth of a split saw) is designed to be slightly larger than the diameter of the rest of the hole saw so that it does not get stuck in the hole.


holes saw

Classification of hole saws

A hole saw, also known as a hole saw or hole opener, is a modern industrial or engineering in the processing of circular holes supported by a saw class special circular saw, hole saw according to the different dimensions of the circle have different hole diameter and specifications, while according to the different depths when opening the hole, we are divided into two categories of standard hole saw and deep load hole saw, as shown below.

1. hole saw material: according to its tooth material is divided into bimetallic hole saw , carbide hole saw, diamond hole saw, tungsten carbide hole saw, etc.

2. Hole saw cutting range: According to different materials, it can cut and process metal materials, stainless steel, steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, alloy plate, etc. It can also drill and bore holes in wood, wood with nails, plastic, chemical fiberglass, drywall, gypsum board, fiberboard, and composite materials, etc.

3. hole saw supporting equipment: hole saw (bare eye saw) supporting equipment with power tools, generally hand drill, impact drill, table drill, rocker drill, drill press, etc. Hole saws and power tools need a connection device - support handle, also known as the drill bar, positioning drill, connecting shaft, etc.


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