The difference between an impact drill and an electric

The difference between an impact drill and an electric hammer

Mar 06, 2023

With the development of the times and the change of concept, now many people have started to like manual DIY, and a variety of power tools are slowly becoming essential in family life. Many people want to know what the difference between impact drills and electric hammers is. The next few questions about the content of knowledge are for your reference and understanding.

What is an impact drill?

The impact drill is widely used and easy to use, but the impact drill the use of direction is not easy to grasp easy to operate error, resulting in large openings; coupled, the drill bit is not sharp, so the openings are not neat burrs or cracks; the advantages of the electric hammer are high efficiency, large hole diameter, long drilling depth, the disadvantage is that the vibration is large, the surrounding structures have a certain degree of destructive effect.     

Impact drills rely on rotation and impact to work. A single impact is very slight, but an impact frequency of more than 40,000 times per minute can produce a continuous force. It can be used on natural stone or concrete. The impact drill works with an adjustment knob at the drill chuck, adjustable in two ways: ordinary hand drill and impact drill. But the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump against each other to achieve the impact effect; the impact force is far less than the electric hammer. It is not suitable for drilling reinforced concrete.

What is an electric hammer?

An electric hammer is a class of electric drills mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor slabs, brick walls and stone. It is used to drill holes in walls, concrete, stone, and multi-functional hammer. It can be adjusted to the appropriate position with the drill bit instead of an ordinary electric drill and pick.

The electric hammer is based on the electric drill, adding a piston driven by an electric motor with a crankshaft connecting rod, which compresses air in a cylinder reciprocally so that the air pressure in the cylinder changes periodically, and the changing air pressure drives the hammer in the cylinder to strike the top of the drill bit reciprocally, as if we hit the drill bit with a hammer, hence the name electric hammer.

electric hammer bits

The difference between an impact drill and an electric hammer

1. Different working nature

Impact Drill: Impact drill works by rotating and impacting. The single impact is very light, but the impact frequency of more than 40,000 times per minute will produce a continuous force, generally used for natural stone or concrete use work.

Electric hammer: Electric hammer belongs to a rotary pendant drill with a safety clutch with a pneumatic hammer mechanism.

2. Different principles

Impact drill: The impact drill bit has an adjusting handle on the drill bit jig, which can adjust the ordinary drill bit and the impact drill bit. But the impact drill bit uses the gears on the internal shaft to run with each other to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is much smaller than that of a hammer, which is unsuitable for reinforced concrete.

Electric hammer: The principle is that the drive mechanism moves the drill for rotational movement while there is a reciprocating hammer whose direction is perpendicular to the rotating head. The hammer is driven by the drive mechanism to drive the piston, compressing the air back and forth in the cylinder. Due to the change of air pressure cycle in the cylinder, the hammer of the cylinder hits the top of the brick, as if we use a hammer to hit the brick.

3. Different uses

Impact Drill: It is mainly used for impacting holes in concrete floors, walls, bricks, stones, wooden boards and multi-layer materials. In addition, it can also drill and tap holes in wood, metal, ceramics, and plastic and has an electronic speed control device reversing function.

Electric Hammer: The hammer is a type of electric drill mainly used for drilling holes in concrete, floors, brick walls and on stone. Multifunctional hammers can replace the ordinary drill according to the appropriate location, but they also can use a pickaxe. The advantages are high efficiency, large hole diameter, and long drilling depth.

4. Different power

The power of an electric hammer is much larger than the power of an impact drill.

5.Different drilling results

The impact drill can adjust the speed to make the hole clean and perfect, and at the same time, will not damage the masonry surface. While the electric hammer will make the hole in the brick surface easy to break or fracture phenomenon.

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