What is a coring bit?

Apr 29, 2023

How to use coring drill bits

In our daily lives, we use electric drills and core bits and electric drills to drill a large hole in a brick or block wall for waste pipes, sewage pipes, extractors and other similar objects. There are several different types of coring bits available and the best one to use depends on the size and depth of the hole to be drilled and the type of material to be drilled.

What is a coring bit?

As we have already briefly described, a coring drill is a drill bit that drills large holes in masonry and concrete, removing the central part of the hole (coring) as it is drilled and bored.

Coring bits are available in a variety of sizes, usually, each size is manufactured to fit the dimensions of commonly used pipes, cables or ducts so that once drilled, the object in question can be easily passed through.

Different types of coring bits

Again, as we also mentioned above, there are several different types of coring bits available, depending on the object you are drilling through and the size of the hole you need to create, it will ultimately depend on which type of coring bit you should use.

coring bit

Cemented Carbide Core Drill Bits

Carbide core drills are usually the least expensive option as far as core drilling is concerned.

The drill itself has carbide "teeth" that surround the circumference of the drill bit. Once rotated, these teeth bite into the surface you are working on and cut their way through to create the desired hole. Although not recommended, many people use the hammering action of these bits to increase their cutting speed and capability. This will eventually wear out coring bits faster, but since they are usually cheap, they are not usually seen as a major problem.

In addition to wearing out the bit faster, the hammering action also creates a lot of vibration while drilling, which usually results in the hole ending up larger than expected. Because they are not particularly high quality, carbide hollow core drills are usually only useful for drilling through softer concrete blocks. In most cases, attempting to drill more dense objects (such as solid concrete) will cause the drill bit to heat up and wear out much faster.

Diamond coring bits

Diamond hollow core bits are a definite upgrade from the carbide hollow core bits described above.

Unlike carbide bits, the teeth on diamond coring bits have diamonds embedded in the teeth. Because diamonds are so hard, they will grind their way through the sharp, clean-cutting surface you are trying to create.

There are actually two different types of diamond hollow bits - wet cut and dry cut. Essentially, wet-cut diamond coring bits are cooled with water while drilling, while dry diamond coring bits are simply used dry.

Since a lot of heat is generated during drilling, it is necessary to keep the diamond coring drill bit as cool as possible to prevent unnecessary damage to the cutting teeth to a minimum. If the surface of the cutting teeth is subjected to too much heat, the metal encasing them will melt and cover the diamond and reduce cutting efficiency. If this happens, the bit will need to be "repaired" to expose the diamond again.

As mentioned above, dry-cutting diamond bits are usually used when working indoors, while wet-cutting bits are used outdoors.

Precautions for using coring bits

When using dry-cutting bits, it is important to keep them as cool as possible. To do this, they should be used for short periods of time and the entire bit should be periodically removed from the hole and exposed to the air to dissipate heat. Nevertheless, dry-cutting diamond coring bits do not have to be used dry, you can also use them wet. Most diamond coring tools used always have a removable pilot bit that acts as a pilot hole to guide the coring bit. Typically, the pilot bit or guide bit is only used to get you started and keep the actual coring bit in place while cutting into the wall surface.

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