Air Tools

Air Tools

Air tools also called Pneumatic tools, are the choice of professionals thanks to their long-life and powerful performance. Air tools are driven by compressed air instead of batteries or electricity.It is one of the main components of pneumatic tools, which is mainly composed of pneumatic motor and power output gear. It relies on high-pressure compressed air to blow the motor blades to make the motor rotor rotate, output rotary motion externally, and drive the whole operation form to transform part of the operation through the gear. According to whether the stator and rotor are concentric, pneumatic motors can be divided into concentric motors and eccentric motors; According to the number of air inlets, it can be divided into single air inlet motor, double air inlet motor and multi air inlet motor. No matter what form of pneumatic motor, the motor blade is driven to rotate by compressed air. When the motor blade rotates at high speed, it always rubs with the inner wall of the stator. It is the most common vulnerable component in madane. Therefore, it has high requirements for the quality of compressed air and whether the compressed air contains lubricating oil molecules。

Overview of Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are mainly tools that use compressed air to drive the pneumatic motor to output kinetic energy. According to its basic working mode, they can be divided into: 1) rotary (eccentric movable blade type). 2) reciprocating (volumetric piston type) general pneumatic tools are mainly composed of power output part, operation form conversion part, air inlet and exhaust circuit part, operation start and stop control part Of course, the operation of pneumatic tools must also include energy supply part, air filtration and air pressure regulation part and tool accessories.

Features of Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic Tools are designed in to different types for different use. There are mainly several types of Pneumatic Tools. BESTWIN Tools Co., Ltd mainly provides serveral types of drilling bits such as:

Air cannon (also called pneumatic wrench, air wrench, air trigger)

Pneumatic screwdriver (also called pneumatic screwdriver, air screwdriver)

Pneumatic grinder (also called pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic water mill, pneumatic sand mill, pneumatic grinder)

Pneumatic spray gun

Pneumatic nail pulling gun

Pneumatic hat pulling gun

Air shovel

Air hammer,

Shock absorbing pneumatic saw,

Shock absorbing pneumatic file

Applications of Pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are usually used in factory assembly lines to process various products.

Suppliers of Pneumatic tools

BESTWIN Tools Co., LTd is a professional  tools supplier to provide different kind of Pneumatic tools ,drilling bits, hole saws, air tools  and accessories at factrory price.

Bestwin Pneumatic screwdriver 8H

Bestwin Pneumatic screwdriver 8H

Used in home decoration industry and factory assembly line.

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