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Hammer Drill Bit For Concrete
Tungsten Carbide Rotary Files

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Burr Dental Rotary File

1,Tungsten carbide burr K25 materia 2,Silver Brazing from USA can 3,Better cut and better life, Much more oecumenica 4.carbide bur Tungsten carbide burs keep on excellent quality  5. More than 100 specifications is developed to satisfy your fully professional requirement on grinding; 6.You can choose 3 different surface color (self-colored & not plated; Silver & nickel plated; Gold & Ti plated); 7.Keep the surface clean (Oil on surface have been got rid of by Ultrasonic); 8.Carbide bur from Saimeng tools Beside different shapes, you can choose sizes, grain & length)

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product details

Product Description

*Rag, burr and welding seam of processing, cleaning, casting, forging and welding the moulds
*Abrasive finishing process of internal cavity of impeller channel valve
*Rounding and groove process of all kinds of machinery parts
*Technical carving all metal and nonmetal materials.




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diamond hole saw drill bit
Sintered Diamond Hole Saw Core Drill Bit for Marble Masonry Granite Drill Bits

Customized:CustomizedCertification:CeLength:Taper-lengthType:Core Drill BitMaterial:Tungsten CarbideUsage:Masonry Drilling, Marble, Glass, Tile

wood drill bit sets
BESTWIN 14PCS Carbide Core Drill Hole saw T.C.T

Carbide tipped Metal cutting hole saw1. Made of high quality solide carbide tips, reduce the damage of tips, increase the endurance.2. Assembled with high quality center drill and spring.3. Maxium cutting depth of 15mm on solid plate with pistol drills, and 25mm ~50mm on solid plate with magnetic drills.

sds plus chisel set
SDS Plus Chisel with Point Head and Sandblasting Finish

The chisel can be used with eletric hammer and it is widely applicable and high effcient chiselling hole, cutting groove tool for concrete and brick wall. Our products include pointed chisel, big flat chisel, gouge and groove chisel. The chisel length can be selected according to customers; requirements. The shank types can be selected according to upper list of shank structure.

10PCS Bi-metal hole saw
10PCS Bi-metal hole saw kit with plastic box

M42 HSS Bi-metal Hole sawThe use of high-quality raw materials, a wide range of applications.Apply to metal, wood, plastic, gypsum board, etc.

Carbide Forstner Drill Bits
Carbon steel Wood Forstner Drill Bits

1. The material of forstner bit : with carbon steel 45# body2. The color: Different color painting are available.3. With Brad point , 2 main cutting edges and 2 circumferential cutting deges.4. Application: For drilling dimensionally accurate and tear-free holes in soild wood,vaneered wooden board,laminated board,chipboard and plywood,etc5. Used for : Ideal for door locks, morticing, electrical and plumbing work

bi metal hole saw stainless steel

M42 HSS Bi-metalThe use of high-quality raw materials, a wide range of applications.Apply to metal, wood, plastic, gypsum board, etc.

bi-metal hole saw kit
14PCS Bi-metal hole saw kit with Blow box

M42 HSS Bi-metal Hole sawThe use of high-quality raw materials, a wide range of applications.Apply to metal, wood, plastic, gypsum board, etc.

Diamond Hole Saw for Ceramic

1.  Diamond hole Saw is designed for high speed high performance and heavy duty use on Ceramic, Poecelain, granite, marble,, glass, quartz, limestone, fiberglass, terracotta, terrazzo, quarry, vitrified tiles.  2. Fast drilling, 10 seconds for one hole.3. 10 times Longer life than the electroplated tools.4. Working Speed: 6000 - 10000 RPM.5. Dry / Wet use;

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